Arts and Crafts of Orissa

Orissa has always been famous for its art and architecture throughout the world. The temple architecture of Orissa is a special genre altogether. It was due to the encouragement of the rulers of that time which helped the traditional temple architecture of Orissa prosper. At the same time the handicrafts and handloom textiles heritage that the state boasts of grew rapidly under the patronage of the Orissa kings.

Orissa is famous for its art of silver filigree work and Ganjam is the place famous for the same. At the same time the weavers of Sambalpur create the most magnificent colourful ikat work on fabrics. The saris and other cloth material of the same kind is a must buy after reaching Orissa. Another famous art of Orissa is the appliqu� work of Pipli. The craftsmen create colourful bags, bedspreads and garden umbrellas.

The temple art and architecture of the ancient days today has taken a shape of well developed craft of the state. Stone carving is widely practiced in and around Puri. Similarly, the paintings of Raghurajpur, a village near Puri, are also well known for their themes depicting various scenes from Indian mythology and the presiding deities of the Puri temple.

The town of Narainpur in South Orissa is famous for its lacquer work. Mostly women of the pace are involved in the making of these exquisite ornamental works. Other handicrafts items of Orissa include the coral and shell objects from near the sea shores of Orissa.